In 2015 a new student team was founded: Blue Jay. This team was a result of the drone hype and the wish of the university to show the significance of technology to the public. Drones have become extremely popular in the recent years. However, the development of drones is somewhat unidirectional. Right now, personal drones are mostly used for photography and racing, while their use could be expanded far beyond that.

At Blue Jay, we believe technology is here to serve and help people, and to increase their quality of life. The real potential of indoor drones can only be found by experimentation and exploration. We believe this potential should be defined by helpfulness, modesty and innocence. Technology should only be available on demand and not be intrusive to its users. To develop proper and comfortable technical innovations, it should be of utmost importance to keep ethical responsibilities in mind and create a drone that acts discretely in the presence of its users. Recently, the public debate is dominated by fear of war drones, drones flying around planes and violating privacy. We make a stand for the good a drone could do.


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