Autonomous DroneRacing

Team Cyclone started out as an honors project at TU Eindhoven. During that project we learned a lot about drones and we decided to take that knowledge a step further. Our main goal is to organize autonomous drone racing events for teams to show their innovative ideas and drive drones to their limits!

Until now our team was quite small consisting of only 7 students, but just recently 5 new people have joined us. We are all bachelor students with a background of electrical and mechanical engineering, physics and software science. Our process started with building our own racing drone, which we already have two prototypes of. Currently we are focusing on four main areas of research: non-linear control, robotic vision, motion planning and GPS-based navigation.

Using the knowledge from these fields we are developing our drone alongside TMC to do competitive tasks such as: flying autonomously through a racetrack consisting of hula-hoops using only GPS and a camera, following a line on the ground or tracking a moving object on the ground.

We are a team enthusiastic students who are eager to find partners and teams with similar interests to exchange ideas and develop together!

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